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The Man Behind The Cube: An Interview With Rod Collins of Bulldog Mobile Billboards

Rod Collins is a man behind a seriously unique set of products. His company, Bulldog Mobile Billboards, is turning heads with a novel approach to advertising: billboard trucks, and more notably, 3-D showroom trucks and Advertising Display Cube.These 3 dimensional advertisements offer a new level of interaction with audiences. They are engaging and interesting, as well as undeniable. The versatility of the Cube is only serving to expand this company’s potential market and increase their visibility, as well as the visibility of companies that choose to advertise with Bulldog.

Check out this video of Rod highlighting the features of the Cube, and read the interview below!

SS: Can you give me a quick summary of your company and your self?

RC: After 20 years in hotel industry operations, sales, brand marketing and business development, I started Dallas Bulldog Marketing, LLC in 2006. Five years later, my brands include Bulldog Mobile Billboards, Out of Home Nationwide, and the Advertising Display Cube. Bulldog is the parent company with the and designed to support sales of mobile advertising vehicle campaigns nationwide. I have been personally involved in more than 285 advertising campaigns to date, and we recently hit the $1,000,000 mark in revenue to date.

The hospitality business taught me plenty. I am now prepared to quickly react to changing business environments, and most importantly serve my clients in a way that exceeds expectations.

SS: What finally propelled you out of the corporate world and onto the path of entrepreneurship?

RC: Bulldog Mobile Billboards is self-funded. It was critical to be able to work without salary for seven months before the Company could rely on its own operating income. The stock and severance package I received from Expedia/ was very helpful back in 2006!

SS: How did you choose mobile billboard trucks back in 2006/2007?

RC: I was looking to buy a franchise and actually narrowed it down to five with the help of a franchise advisor. While I was doing my own due diligence, I found the industry of scrolling mobile billboard trailer. Even though there were no franchisors in that field, I felt my skill set and interests matched that business model. While I ran a 9-mile loop at White Rock Lake with friends Alan and George one morning at 5 AM, I presented each of the franchises and the scrolling billboard truck opportunity. They both agreed that I should buy that first truck!

SS: What do you like most about running your own business?

RC: I determine my own destiny. There are very few corporate politics at Bulldog. On three occasions I worked for public hotel companies and each time my direct supervisor became a millionaire due to the stock rewards. Believe me, equity options and grants clouded their judgment! They each admitted to making decisions not based on what was best for the Company but what was best for them personally.

SS: How did you come up with the Cube Mobile Display advertisement, and how do you see it being implemented into future advertising campaigns?

RC: I was once driving one of my glass-walled Concept Trucks and realized that the advertising agencies that keep hiring me do not care that it is a truck, but like the three glass walls for their transparency. So I thought it would be great to offer four glass walls of transparency. In the meantime, since I had worked on the development of five large show trucks, I learned about several options that would help me to better execute campaigns if I included them in the Cube. Since we now have a generator for power, a separate set of legs to enable demounting from the trailer, and 360 degrees of transparency, the Cube is perfect as: A Pop Up Store; Touring Display Trailer; Trade Show Booth and can even help with Tailgating.

SS: What do you like to do when you are not working?

RC: When not working AND injury free, I like to run, cycle and my new favorite is taking classes at Psycho Gym in Deep Ellum. Of course my most favorite thing to do is spend time with Bakon the Bulldog.

SS: What was the last book you read and/or what are some your favorite news/blog sites?

RC: The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein was excellent. I follow news from Advertising Agencies like The Marketing Arm, The Richards Group Razor Driven and Moroch Agency. I read the Dallas Business Journal both on line and hard copy.