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Mobile Vehicle Advertising

Mobile Vehicle Advertising gives you the power to reach a wide audience on specific dates or times of the date. The billboards themselves are devices emblazoned with advertising materials and placed on the side of a mobile truck or trailer. Since the vehicle bearing the billboard can be driven though specific locations at different times, you can reach a specific audience group at precise location or events. This makes this form of media the most effective way of placing your brand or campaign smack in the middle of an audience where you wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach using other forms of advertising.

For instance, if you intend to target the audience attending the Superbowl championship, you would have to pay exceptionally high amounts of cash for static adverts. However, Mobile Vehicle Advertising gives you the opportunity to simply drive around the area, capturing all audiences and delivering a cost effective solution. It puts your message where your customers are. You choose where your message goes, the time it goes there and for how long.

The best part is that you can use all kinds of vehicles – Advans, vans, Advertising on Trailers, lorries, trucks and rickshaws – for your Mobile Vehicle Advertising campaign.

Why is it effective?

Mobile Vehicle Advertising works well because it can be used to target consumers at times or places where there are most likely to respond. This includes:

  • Where they travel and shop
  • Where they live work and recreate from
  • Where they congregate, etc.

Most businesses would rather have a clutter-free advertising space where they won’t be surrounded by competitors while still being able to create strong visual exposure for your brand. It is easy to roll out the advertising campaign, it is cost effective compared to other advertising mediums and the material can be re-used at a later date. It is also cost-effective compared to other advertising mediums.

Mobile Tours
Mobile Tours

We are so mobile you will have to hustle to keep up with us! East Coast to West, let us help you with an Mobile Vehicle Advertising tour to remember!

One Stop Campaigns
One Stop

Pick your spot and let us help you target your market. It may be a fair, a trade show or simply a high traffic area in a major metro-plex.

Brand Ambassadors

Dressed in matching T-shirts or complete outfits, the ambassadors help increase the interaction about your product or service ten-fold. We have given away thousands of samples on a daily basis while executing interaction you design.

Hand Held Tablet Surveys
Hand Held Tablet

High traffic areas are excellent opportunities for capturing information during the length of a campaign. We combine the human interaction with the entire promotion.

Digital Video Footage
Digital Video

Using hand held cameras, we can capture the excitement of the campaign and testimonials while providing content for your web and microsite. The campaigns often go viral when the public is encouraged to spread the word about their participation in a contest online.

Branded Mobile Phone Charger Kiosks
Branded Mobile
Phone Charger

Branded Mobile Phone Charger Kiosks
We have found that when offering free massages, or promotion presentations, there will be lines forming - this is a great opportunity to offer free phone charging right outside your Advertising On Trailers.