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The Advertising Display Cube 244 Fifth Ave. Suite 2382 NY, NY 10001

Mobile Trailer Advertising Team

Rod Collins, Founder/President

After 20 years in the hotel business including operations, sales, marketing and franchising, Bulldog Mobile Billboards Founder and President created his Dallas, Texas based company in 2006. The fleet grew to Concept and Static trucks before he designed the Advertising Display Cube. “I just thought there were a lot of features I wanted that would enable us to better execute experiential campaigns”, Collins said. “And the Cube helps us keep the public and our brand ambassadors warmer/cooler with convenient storage marketing tools readily available.” When Rod is not working on Out of Home advertising campaigns, he enjoys running and joint custody of the bulldog and mascot, Bakon. Contact Rod at 214.724.2729 to discuss Mobile Trailer Advertising campaigns to include your choice of a tour, or a simultaneous multi city program using Bulldog Mobile Billboard’s fleet and affiliates nationwide.

In addition to Rod and Bakon, Bulldog Mobile Billboards owes many thanks to Business Partner Chris Loper, Director of Sales Linda Adler, and Brand Ambassadors/Drivers Laura Cerrillo, Jon Flewellen, Todd Green and Ken Troupe. Mikes, Murgas and Melder, Charlie Lambeth and Dena Timm are much appreciated for their sage advice and friendship.

Family members Tim Collins and Penny Sitler have provided countless legal and copy write tips and invaluable advice.

Dozens of affiliates and advertising agencies, too many to mention, but you know who you are, remain heroes in the Bulldog Mobile Billboard and Advertising Display Cube playbooks.