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Experiential Marketing Vehicles

The highly competitive corporate climate has spawned a new and exciting way of marketing your product or service to potential clients- Experiential Marketing Vehicles. These are custom built vehicles that can be used as billboards. The guerrilla marketing vehicles are a form of advertising that allows consumers to observe and experience your brand first hand. They make it easy for potential consumers to form a direct and memorable connection with your brand.

Custom built for purpose

Experiential Marketing Vehicles range from stage trailers, mobile lounges, glass display trucks and experiential cars. These all make it easy for anyone to grow their audience by participating in the highly tactile world of Experiential Marketing Nyc. For safety, all the vehicles used in the course of Experiential Advertising Trailers – are pre-screened and built by reputable fabricators. You can obtain any of these vehicles on either long or short-term leases, but most are available for sale. Most of the Experiential Marketing Vehicles also double up as:

  • Promotional trailers
  • Glass truck displays
  • Mobile showrooms
  • Hospitality trailers
  • Mobile command centers
  • 1 ton truck rentals, etc.
  • Experiential marketing billboards.

Glass truck displays designed with rear and side doors are ideal for curb events and provide room for traffic flow. Double expandable trailers give you the most room for your lounge, display or whatever you would like to set up for the time. Gaming trailers are great for attracting gamers while zero emission Marketing Vehicles are perfect for green companies.

Experiential Marketing Agency New York will extend your advertising campaigns to non-traditional channels and allow you to reach customers you might not otherwise have. They reach out at an emotional level, leaving consumers with a feeling that won’t fade away easily. What’s more, you can buy or rent an existing one, or have one designed and custom built to suit your unique needs.