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Dallas, Texas- The Pop Shops brought a fashion surprise to New York City this weekend with help from The Advertising Display Cube by Bulldog Mobile Billboards. Popping up in three locations, Bryant Park, Union Square and Columbus Circle the new brand featured six New York fashion designer clothing and jewelry accessory items for sale in the mobile pop up shop. The Pop Shops turned to Bulldog Mobile Billboards and its signature glass-walled advertising vehicle for first of a series of interactive three-day sales.

Led by Founder, Caryn Neary, The Pop Shops is a mobile shopping experience dedicated to the latest styles and trends from hand-picked New York based designers and manufacturers. The Pop Shops utilized social media innovation featuring their site to promote the products selected by the retail fashion veteran Ms. Neary. Caryn was personally involved in all aspects of the process from creative interior and exterior design of the Cube to choosing which designers to promote. She was also hands on during the sale at each location.

The inaugural Pop Up store retailed products from _______, Carrie Parry, Dirty Librarian Chains, Nettie Kent, Study New York and Thomas Chamberlain. The Cube hosted walk up traffic throughout each of the three days as many people wanted to know what the production was all about. Plans for future Pop Shops events include scheduled presentations, product available on line and additional city/state visits.

This initial campaign was designed to target woman, with plans for both sexes on the future calendar. The campaign reached further than the three neighborhoods through the promotion and use of Twitter via @ThePopshops, Facebook via ThePopShops and the website”. Hundreds of shoppers were impressed with the show and the concept while thousands turned heads and talked about the mobile store.

About Bulldog Mobile Billboards:

Bulldog Mobile Billboards offers a unique alternative to traditional radio, television and outdoor Advertising On Trailers. With a mission to provide businesses with creative solutions to help break through today’s media clutter, Bulldog Mobile Billboards uses targeted messages that generate results. Bulldog Mobile Billboards uses its unique truck-mounted and vinyl wrapped glass vehicles. In addition, Bulldog Mobile Billboards operates over sized static billboard trucks, bicycle street teams and unveiled the first ever Advertising Display Cube in 2011. The AdverDisplayCube is a mobile, transparent showcase with 360 degrees of glass walls for transparency and hundreds of square feet of exterior real estate for brand messaging. This mobile advertising trailer features power on board for lighting and climate control. This vehicle is perfect as a pop up store, showcase, trade show booth, and for tailgating. The entire fleet is available nationwide and in Canada. Hop on board with Bulldog Mobile Billboards and drive forward into the mobile advertising world. For a sales kit or more information about advertising, please contact Rod Collins at, call the New York office (212) 726.2355 or Dallas office (214)724-2729.