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Bulldog Mobile Billboards Develops New State of the Art Advertising Display Cube

Bulldog Mobile Billboards Founder and Owner, Rod Collins announced today the arrival of the new Advertising Display Cube. Collins said “We are pleased with our new product which is an evolution of our glass walled concept trucks. With more than 275 mobile advertising vehicle campaigns under our belt, the Display Cube is the transparent showcase of the future. It can be placed at events, in retail and stadium parking lots and will be available to tour the country.”

The “Cube” is designed to be used as a pop up store, as a touring showcase, as a trade show booth and as a tailgate unit.

“When designing the Display Cube we added features we felt were required to upgrade the showcase work we often do. For example, Bulldog Mobile Billboards executed five campaigns in New York City last year with our glass walled concept trucks. The trick has been to combine the showcase features of these trucks with the power, lighting, and storage needs of typical display advertising work. We have improved the climate control, added an additional door and built in stairs so that people will be able to have easier access while staying cool and or warm. Storage for campaign and travel supplies has been increased dramatically. In addition, we have added 360 degree transparency with an additional glass wall.”

The first unit rolled off the assembly line in Waco, Texas, and is currently available for viewing in Dallas, and for campaigns nationwide. “Advertising agencies and marketing managers have always been pleasantly surprised when we first show our vinyl wrapped glass walled concept trucks upon build out. I predict that future campaigns employing the Display Cube will generate an even stronger reaction and set the standard for mobile experiential events. The opportunities are endless for using this form of display. With the transparency, lighting and climate control features, we will showcase product, interact with the public and be able tour the Country and Canada on behalf of brands of all types. “

The new website, will feature photos and details regarding working with Bulldog Mobile Billboards and the Cube. The new site will detail a simple three step process to arrange for a campaign including selecting vinyl wrap, flooring and three dimensional scene build out. Daily rates will be approximately $2,000 while a mileage fee for transportation will be applied.

The Advertising Display Cube, Bulldog Mobile Billboards, and Out-of-Home Nationwide brands are owned and operated by Dallas Bulldog Marketing, LLC incorporated in 2006. Each brand offers a unique alternative to traditional radio, television and outdoor advertising. With a mission to provide creative solutions to help break through today’s media clutter. Rod Collins is the Founder and President of these out-of-home and experiential marketing companies. For a sales kit or more information about advertising, please contact or call (214)724-2729.