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AdverDisplay Cube

The Advertising Display Cube was designed from experience. It was while executing our 275th mobile advertising campaign with a Bulldog Mobile Billboards Glass Walled Concept Truck that the Cube was conceptualized. This is much more than an Advertising Display Trailer. Features missed in many advertising trucks, the Cube proudly offers quiet generator produced power for our clients' electrical needs such as lighting, video, laptops, and music systems. Ample storage on board allows brand ambassadors to focus on the display and the public without worrying about personal items, cases of premiums and sample products nearby.

The Cube can even be demounted from the towing system, with a primary benefit of 360 degrees of transparency with glass walls on all four sides. This is a true Pop Up Store! Critically, the Cube offers both open air and climate controlled options based on local weather conditions. Whether touring multiple cities or blending your campaign with other glass walled vehicles, we have the ability to execute in dozens of markets simultaneously. Our experience now numbers more than 400 successful Promotional Trailers campaigns, and counting!

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Developing your showcase is EASY. Simply choose your exterior vinyl wrap or cut vinyl decals. Then on the inside, determine your favorite flooring such as laminate wood, carpet squares, etc. Identify how you want your showcase to look – it might be a cozy living room scene or a giant pedestal based trophy case for your product line.

We can add elements outdoors such as umbrellas, brand ambassadors capturing surveys electronically, photographing and videotaping the entire scene. For an additional service when human lines accumulate outside the Cube, branded mobile phone charging kiosks are available.

Now you can begin scheduling a tour or a single stop to set up your Cube – we will bring your Advertising Trailer extraordinaire anywhere nationwide!

It all starts with an email or phone call, so contact us and let’s talk about your Cube Campaign.